Our 15 Best Apple Pie Recipes of All Time Are Perfect for Any Season

a slice of double-crust apple pie garnished with an apple-shaped pastry cutout and a scoop of vanilla ice cream


Apple pie is a holiday season favorite; from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the tasty pie is certainly at its peak. But the all-American pie is enjoyed all year round, too, simply because it's just that good — not much compares to eating a slice of warm apple pie with its sweet and spicy flavors and the feeling of nostalgia one bite can bring. Whether you're looking for a classic apple pie recipe or want to try a new take on the old favorite, these top-rated apple pie recipes are for you.

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Apple Pie by Grandma Ople

a lattice topped pie made with a crimped cutting wheel with a slice taken out of it

Holiday Baker

We can't have a roundup of the best apple pies without including this fan favorite. With more than 13,000 five-star reviews, this is the most-loved apple pie on Allrecipes, and it only requires simple everyday ingredients.

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Apple Crumble Pie


A deep-dish apple pie that doesn't skimp on flavor, and it's quick and easy to make. "OH MY GOD, is this pie DELICIOUS!!! Instead of mixing the apples with ½ cup white sugar, I used ¼ white sugar and ¼ brown sugar. This pie was so delicious that I cannot wait to make it again. Everyone raved about it," says reviewer BUONICONTO.

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Sour Cream Apple Pie Deluxe

closeup of the cut side of a streusel-topped apple pie

Jennifer DeVault

What sets this pie apart is that the apples are coated in sour cream before being added to the pie and baked. Reviewers say the better the sour cream you use, the better the pie will be — and this apple pie is best served chilled.

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Apple Crumb Pie

a streusel-topped apple pie in a glass pie plate


This apple pie is topped with streusel and has added flavor from walnuts and raisins. "I could quite possibly be in dessert heaven right now. This is one of the best apple pies I've tried in some time. The crumb topping is light and 'crumbly' just as it's supposed to be. Not only is this one of the better recipes I've tried, but it's also one of the easiest with no top crust," says home cook naples34102.

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Dutch Apple Pie with Oatmeal Streusel

Dutch Apple Pie with Oatmeal Streusel

A Dutch apple pie already includes a streusel layer, but this pie is made even better with the addition of oats and lemon to the streusel topping. Try this pie with Granny Smith, Jonagold, or Golden Delicious apples, depending on how sweet or tart you want the pie to be.

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Grandma's Iron Skillet Apple Pie

top-down view of a golden brown crust of an apple pie in a cast iron skillet
Kim's Cooking Now

Grandma's Southern favorite is made entirely in a cast iron skillet — talk about an easy one-pan dish. "This is my go-to apple pie! It's demanded every Thanksgiving. I actually didn't bring it one year, and there were some bummed relatives. Best apple pie I have ever had" says reviewer CARTOONRCKR.

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Chef John's Caramel Apple Pie

Chef John's Caramel Apple Pie
Sarah Teeter

Chef John pours a butter and sugar mixture over the entire pie before baking it so the pie caramelizes while it bakes. Make sure you do the lattice on top; it will make for a beautiful presentation and keep the pie from being too watery after baking.

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Glazed Apple Cream Pie


This apple pie has a custard-like filling and is topped with a confectioners' sugar, milk, vanilla, and butter glaze for a glossy finish. If you want a more flavorful glaze, try adding cinnamon.

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Fried Apple Pies

fried apple pies dusted with confectioners' sugar
Sarah Smith

Everyone will love having their own individual apple pie thanks to these fried hand pies. And, if you don't feel like making the pastry dough from scratch, reviewers say you can use canned biscuit dough instead.

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French Apple Tart (Tarte de Pommes a la Normande)

French Apple Tart (Tarte de Pommes a la Normande)

Wow your guests with this gorgeous French apple tart. The pastry is filled with frangipane — made from apple brandy, almonds, sweet apples, apricot jelly, and sugar. If you like a strong almond flavor, you should toast your almonds before grinding them.

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Warm Apple Buttermilk Custard Pie

slice of Warm Apple Buttermilk Custard Pie on vintage plate

This tasty pie has a layer of apple filling and a layer of buttermilk custard, all topped with a streusel topping. It may be a pie unlike anything you've tried before, but it is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

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Old-Fashioned Apple Pie

slice of homemade Old-Fashioned Apple Pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Recipe contributor Arletta calls this "Apple pie...so American, so delicious. A true classic." And the solid 5-star rating says she's right. Note that the apples you use will affect how liquid the filling will become; if your apples are quite juicy, you may want to increase the amount of thickener you use.

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Easy Swedish Apple Pie

Easy Swedish Apple Pie

Swedish apple pie might be the easiest pie you ever make since it doesn't have a traditional crust. Instead, the batter comes together to make a cinnamon crust with apple pie filling. It's loaded with cinnamon, but if you want more spicy flavors, you can add nutmeg and cloves.

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No-Sugar Apple Pie

a lattice-topped apple pie sprinkled with demerara sugar

chibi chef

This five-ingredient apple pie has no added sugars and is naturally sweetened with the apples. But you won't even miss the sugar. "I was very skeptical in making this pie at first. I was sure it was going to be too sour because of the lack of sugar. But it is amazing how wrong I was! My mom, who usually always wants things extra sweet, said that it was the perfect pie," says reviewer Mariam.

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Apple Slab Pie

1050640 Apple Slab Pie 19460 SunnyDaysNora

Slab pie is the perfect pie for feeding a crowd since it's made in a 10x15-inch pan. This Apple Slab Pie is similar to Dutch apple pie with its streusel topping but is so easy to make. Bring this pie to your next family gathering, and it will be devoured in no time.

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